The photo trip of a lifetime to Cuba's Hidden treasures...


December 10-21, 2017   Havana & Trinidad   12 days   More info...

December 10-21, 2017
Havana & Trinidad
12 days
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April 28-May 5, 2018   Havana   8 day  s   More Info...

April 28-May 5, 2018
8 days
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July 20-August 1, 2018   Havana & Santiago de Cuba (Carnival)   13 days   More Info...

July 20-August 1, 2018
Havana & Santiago de Cuba (Carnival)
13 days
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Above are Lorne's workshops in Cuba. Click any image to see details on the workshop and to register. Contact Lorne directly if you have any questions.

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Join Travel Photographer of the Year Award winner Lorne Resnick, with his 20 years of experience traveling in Cuba, as he guides you in creating compelling and unique travel images in one of the premiere photographic and travel locations on the planet. 

This limited selection of intimate digital photography workshops will provide you with an exceptional learning and travel experience geared toward every participant level. Whether you're a novice or pro, Lorne will not only have you generating more powerful images, but will also give you the structure and understanding to enable you to continue refining your skills once the workshop is over. Please go here for a complete workshop description.

some recent testimonials…


Lorne Resnick is a travel photography leader extraordinaire. I consider my Cuban expedition with him one of my lifetime mountain-top experiences. He leaves no stone unturned in assuring that his clients improve their photographic abilities, that they see Cuba in depth and obtain a deeper understanding of the country and its people, and that they have lots of fun while doing these things. The rooftop party, the convertibles, stage-side at the Tropicana, and so much more! The setting for our farewell dinner was superb. I highly recommend photographic travel with Lorne; it is absolutely worth every minute and dollar spent!

Janice – Calhoun, GA

(on her 2nd trip to Cuba with Lorne) I have never met anybody who can break down the technical aspect of photography, as well as the computer work flow as you can, AND keep an artistic eye. I have taken many classes here at RISD, joined random art/photo clubs and haven't gotten as much out of them as I do on your trips. Just listening & watching I learn so much.

Bri - Providence, RI

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I have taken several multi-day photography workshops and by far, I have enjoyed yours the most. I appreciate your style, talents and managerial skills in leading a workshop and as importantly, your gift of working with participants to foster a photographic vision and skill set that are unique to the individual.

The Cuba experience 
— now what I fondly call "My Cuba" was perhaps the most powerful experience in my life and truly transformational—I returned a changed person. For me, it was so much more than a photography workshop in Cuba—while it was hard to rank favorites, the rooftop night with those people touched my soul and heart deeply. I will forever remember our farewell hugs and how we didn't need a language, just cameras to connect with one another so deeply and with such abandon.

—You did an absolutely amazing job of planning the itinerary, so that each day built on the previous. By the time we got to day 7, and still had 3 to go, I wondered, wow, now what could top this day? And, just the workshop or just the Cuba travel experience would have been superb. But you brought the two together in such a powerfully dynamic way—so much so that it will be difficult to "settle" for a regular photography workshop from here on out.

Two aspects standout to me:

First, your expert planning and offering us experiences which no other tour guide or photography workshop leader (IMHO) could provide made it so very special. The Afro
-Cuban rooftop night was so special, so beautiful to see our group and their group come together. I couldn't believe the edge of stage seating that you arranged for the Tropicana (wowie zowie)—fantastic!! Sven’s dinner party and his Cuban family (remarkable), your Cuban family (incredibly gracious and hospitable), to name a few. Connecting with the locals, that’s where the magic happens! And then your choice of dining—perfect! And the mystery and suspense of what each day and night held—that made it even more special (you are brilliant!! and so clever!). For example, the Fidel marble staircase amid the central district—that was amazing in itself. You outdid yourself with the fitting final night surprise.

Secondly, for me what made the experience so so powerful were the people—our workshop group; you and your marvelous team and the exuberant, kind, gracious, talented and fascinating people that we met and were so fortunate to spend time with. Our workshop group was amazing—such instant chemistry, and it was like every person had a role and purpose—it would not have been the same with one fewer or one more person in the group. Everyone was so generous in supporting, encouraging and lifting each other up. It was such a gift to watch people blossom and grow as people and as photographers by the end of the workshop.

I really liked the flow of the workshop from beginning to end and also from one day to the next. The sequencing is as important as the content and events of the workshop—
not many workshop directors understand that. Your travel experience planning and organizational skills are superb. You have such a spot-on feel for the type of events and experiences that photographers would enjoy (plus the all-important photography details like arranging for front row Tropicana seating). The sequencing turned what would have been a satisfying experience into a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary workshop and experience. Also the mix of each day and including some photo instruction and critique time was great. And what I liked the most was having a lot of flexibility—we could choose to tag along and take part in the planned activities or do our own thing.

Many, many thanks to you for "My Cuba" and all the best.

Peggy - Indianapolis, IN

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