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a new fine art portrait photo series
LUST PORTRAITS: Exploring Love, Sexuality & Eroticism
through images, words and videos

“Art is not chaste. Those ill-prepared should be allowed no contact with art. Art is dangerous. If it is chaste, it is not art.” ― Pablo Picasso


[tl:dr] I’m working on my 3rd fine art coffee table photography book. Still traveling. Still photographing people. But differently…

My new fine art portrait series is structured around (roughly) these parameters…

one topic | one background | one light | one(ish) models humans |one mirrorless full-frame camera | one modified 70-year-old large format lens | one bellows | one year of research, testing and $10,000 in custom machined camera mounts to attach said lens to camera to achieve desired tilts and blurs.

Here’s the long version…

After many years of shooting fine art and travel images and after my fine art coffee table photo book on Cuba (21-years of images) was published, there was the question of well, “what are you going to do next”?

I have always been a subject driven shooter in my fine-art work. Rather than take photos just because I love photography, I took photos because I became obsessed with a subject. As opposed to my commercial work, where I’m happy to shoot a variety of subjects in exchange for the green stuff.

I have been back to Cuba several times after the book was published - both teaching my travel photography workshops and just to visit, but an amazing thing happened. While I still was in love with the country and loved being there, I couldn’t really see it any more photographically. It was like I was functionally blind photographically speaking to shooting there - or for that matter shooting travel images anywhere. I felt I have done that and had to move on. But move on to what??

So. I am now creating work, in what I am told, is the oldest subject of art that exists. Nudes.

After many years shooting mainly travel and commercial images, it was time to shoot something different.

Much of travel photography involved aspects that are out of a photographers control: weather, light, the right people crossing one's path. I've always enjoyed the mixture of intense planning and work mixed with serendipity. But I also somewhat envied painters (or for that matter, studio shooters) in their ability to create anything from a completely blank canvas. 100% control. Additionally, I have always felt each of my travel portraits (one of my favorite genres) were collaborations - you cannot create an interesting portrait of an unwilling subject. But I also wondered about a more intense, intimate, collaborative photographer/subject collaboration.

Right now I am traveling the world shooting this project. Thus far I have been lucky enough to do multi-day shoots photographing incredible women in Los Angeles, Austin, New York, Miami, Malaga (Spain), Marbella (Spain) and Florence (Italy). I am planning to shoot in Japan, China, Dublin, Paris and…? Well, we’ll see.

As I shoot the project (and look back at my previous work) I am (it seems) obsessed with the “moment of authenticity”. Whether it is shooting rock stars performing live, a dancer in Cuba or a nude in the studio. Of course, as soon as a subject is aware a camera is pointing at them, let alone someone coming to a studio to disrobe, it is by definition, not “real”. However, within the parameters of how I structure my shoots, I find it thrilling to be in collaboration with another human being to try and carve out a moment of true authenticity. I call it “manufactured reality”. I want, and try to achieve, a moment where the model is fully and truly authentically present and alive. There is no past, no future, in fact, my “model” has ceased for that one moment to be a “model” and is in fact “just” fully and completely themselves. When that happens, I find it exquisitely beautiful.


Los Angeles based photographer, Lorne Resnick, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His passion for travel and photography keeps him moving around the globe exploring different cultures and countries, capturing unique moments. His pursuit of unique and compelling images has led him to Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Greenland, Cuba, China, across Europe and 22 countries in Africa.

From his first book of photographs, “Live in Concert: 10 years of Rock and Roll”, published in 1987, to his latest fine art coffee table book Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So, Resnick has always strived to create images that probe beyond the everyday facade to capture the essential meaning and character of his subjects.

Resnick’s striking commercial and fine art images have been exhibited in galleries across Europe and America, and have been used commercially for annual reports, billboards, television, web sites and for worldwide advertising campaigns. He currently has eleven fine art posters published of his travel work.

He most recently published book, Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So, includes 250 black+white and color images, from Lorne’s 21-years of shooting in Cuba, along 32 micro-stories from two-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet Brian Andreas, a foreword by noted author Pico Iyer and introduction by art historian Gerry Badger. The limited-edition version includes a 60-song Cuban Music compilation.

The book has won several awards including…

-IPPY - Independent Publisher Awards for Photography - Gold (search for my name on the page)

-IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Art/Photography - Silver

-Foreword Reviews' 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year

-The Photo Awards. 1st place photo book. (search for my name on the page) and you can see it here.

Resnick has also won the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year award, plus numerous commercial photography awards and now leads travel photography workshops around the world and is currently obsessing over his latest obsession: The Nude.