From his first book of photographs,  “Live in Concert: 10 years of Rock and Roll”, published in 1987, to his latest work-in-progress, Cuba Dreaming, Lorne Resnick has always strived to create images that probe beyond the everyday facade to capture the essential meaning and character of his subjects.

"The authenticity of the moment is what I'm after, and I'm obsessed with what makes one moment more special than another," says the Los Angeles-based commercial and fine art photographer. "There's great joy in capturing a particular unique moment in time that represents an impactful emotion. It's a fascinating process.

"I like to spend a considerable period of time observing and searching for moments and behaviors that I would be less aware of if I weren't trying to capture that one special shot," says Resnick, much of whose early Africa work was photographed with infrared film to capture a new look and feel beyond ordinary wildlife images. “It takes time to get to that deeper level. It’s the same with people, it takes time to get to know an individual well enough to represent his or her true character in an image."

Resnick currently divides his time between ongoing assignment work and fine art photography. “Half of my work is commercial and half is fine art, the distinction depends on whether an assignment is client driven or driven by myself and my ideas,” he says "I try to bring my own aesthetic into how I shoot in both areas."