Award-winning photographer Lorne Resnick was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His passion for travel and photography keeps him moving around the globe exploring different cultures and countries, capturing unique moments with his camera.

Self-taught for the most part, he began his career photographing rock concerts in his home town of Toronto, capturing peak moments in the all-consuming fire and flash that is live rock and roll, featuring performers from Bruce Springsteen to Madonna. These images were published in his first book, Live in Concert: 10 years of Rock and Roll.

His pursuit of unique and compelling images has led him to Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Greenland, Cuba, China, across Europe and 22 countries in Africa. He has lived in Amsterdam for six years working on commercial projects. He's also spent over a year in Cuba and Africa working on long-term book projects, which you can explore further on his commercial website at

Resnick’s striking commercial and fine-art images have been exhibited in galleries across Europe and America, and have been used commercially for annual reports, billboards, television, web sites and for worldwide advertising campaigns.

Well-established as a commercial and fine art photographer, the 44-year-old Resnick's interest in photography grew out of his love for music and travel. "I went to a lot of concerts in my hometown of Toronto, and I started shooting because of a real urge I had to capture that 'decisive moment," recalls Resnick, whose rock book featured more than 60 bands. "When my book came out, it became my introduction to photography, and through music I transitioned into doing a lot of traveling."

His first big trip was an overland journey to Africa, a continent that remains one of his favorite photographic destinations. I was away for a year, and drove from Amsterdam to Capetown, and returned with 200 rolls of black and white film," he says. "I then spent the next six months in the darkroom." It was many such intensive experiences in the darkroom, and the extraordinary quality of current digital capture, that led Resnick to largely switch to shooting digitally.

Resnick is currently busy completing what could be described as his magnum opus, a comprehensive book on Cuba, its people and culture. He first visited the island in 1995, and during subsequent visits has taken an estimated 20,000 images. "I fell in love with the country," he says. "I spent two months there during my first visit and have been back since then at least a dozen times.”

When completed, Cuba Dreaming: Life in the Moment, will feature upwards of 250 black and white and color images, a CD with music, along with numerous DVD interviews with Cuban people. "It will be a powerful, colorful book with the dynamic feel of Cuba,” says Resnick, "I try to use the camera as a bridge of connection to people, and I hope the book itself will help bridge the gap in understanding between Cuba and the rest of the world."