Los Angeles based photographer Lorne Resnick is passionate about creating the decisive moment, that unique instant that transforms photography into market language. By pushing, pulling, massaging, tweaking, maneuvering, directing and managing events, he drives ideas into that happy intersection where creativity and commerce connect. It is the place where his clients' needs are translated into compelling visual communication.

This section takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey through our process of creating images, listing details for shoots and problem solving techniques and outcomes.

Lorne is equally comfortable shooting images in a studio or arranging large scale worldwide productions. Whether growing ideas from a simple sketch, following a well-developed comp or generating original ideas, Lorne creates unique imagery from start to finish.

Lorne and his experienced staff maintain full commercial global production capabilities from his studio in Los Angeles. A passion for excellence and dedication to detail have been the key to successful campaigns for international advertising clients. Lorne and his crew can facilitate the flawless execution of commercial photographic projects on any scale. And his capabilities are not merely photographic in scope; Lorne has the vision and experience to be a true collaborator with an understanding of current market language and trends. Some capabilities include; idea generation, location & studio photography, shooting motion, casting, directing, styling and small to large scale production.