Lorne, simply put: Best. Trip. Ever.

Lorne has put together a tour by photographers for photographers. There was an extremely wide variety of photo ops provided. But when I got back, I told my non-photographer friends that if you could go on any Cuba tour, this is the one. Because of Lorne's network of Cuban friends and associates, we got to know real Cubans in their homes and on the streets. This was not a tour designed to hit the tourist traps. As a result it was an authentic dip into the culture, art, music and food of Cuba. I intend to go back on this tour, but this time with my wife to hold the reflector.

Steve – Oakland, CA

Before my Cuba trip with Lorne, I had never been on a photography workshop. As a single woman who has never traveled with a group and is relatively new to photography, I was nervous, but apparently not so nervous. If I have to reduce the whole trip/workshop to one word, I would say “preparation.” Lorne and his staff (including the local guide) made sure that you get the shots you hope to find. In order for that to happen, there was a lot of advance planning involved. Lorne made and cultivated the connections so that his group will have access to the people and the locations at the appropriate time. Sure, there were always a few pleasant surprises as you wander the streets, but the right photographic moments will be presented to you, all through the quiet machinations and preparation of Lorne and his staff.         

Further, Lorne knew Havana inside and out. So, whether your interest lies in cityscape, portrait, architecture or even hubcaps (I’m not kidding), Lorne knew where to send you off to. Although we had the comfort and security of group activities, we all felt free to wander off on our own and capture the city to our heart’s content. At first, I swore to myself that I will stick close to the group activities, but I soon realized that going off on your own will enrich your experience. Lorne was right about that and everything else!

Tammy – Los Angeles, CA

There are a lot of photo trips out there, but few are truly special. I really couldn't imagine going to Cuba with anyone but Lorne. He's a terrific teacher and artist, sets up amazing experiences, and pushes you to find and create your own. He took me from documenting trips to really thinking about photography as emotion and art. Lorne taught me to get close, step outside the comfort zone, and that photography is as much about shaking hands as shutter speed. And not every experience is meant for the viewfinder. It was a giant leap forward for me as a photographer, an artist, and a human being, and every day I'm thinking about when I'm going back with him. 

Bryan - Walnut Creek, CA

I am very appreciative of your efforts to place us all into scenarios that allowed for unique photographic opportunities. I am also appreciative of the very helpful discussions on photography; your passion for this craft is matched by your teaching abilities...thank you for sharing your philosophy of this art.

Randy - Sauk City, WI

Lorne Resnick was amazing to travel with. He is an outstanding teacher and I learned more from him than I have in any other photography experience.  He is encouraging and only gets in the way when he sees that one is not doing it right  I left his class with a feeling that I shall be breaking through with my photography based on what I learned in Cuba. Everything on the trip was arranged well and it was a complete pleasure. Best of all, I think I will be a better photographer for the experience.
Thank you Lorne,

Bob - Los Angeles, CA

I am an avid travel enthusiast and hobbyist photographer who has had a photography workshop written on my bucket list for many years. I am so grateful I trusted my gut and booked this very important trip with Lorne. I decided on Cuba based on many factors but the final decision was primarily made from Lorne’s experience there, and viewing his work. I loved what I saw in his photos – and I became hooked on seeing Cuba.

An essential piece of what he teaches is to approach your own images with less information and more emotion. He demonstrates this through showing his own process and work, which I loved, and also through a thoughtful review of your own work and critique of fellow photographers. This part of the workshop was invaluable. And it doesn’t really matter where you are in your learning curve – Lorne takes you to a different level no matter if you’re starting out or you’re a professional. 

Lorne is inspiring. He infuses his trips with his infectious passion for his craft, and for the people of Cuba. He has cultivated amazing relationships and friendships there, which makes for a deeper, richer experience for his students. I thought I was signing up for a workshop, but what I got in return was a life changing experience, and several life long friends. It was a gift to be able to travel with Lorne and learn from him, and have access to what he has built through his 20 years of travel to Cuba. Any other tour group it seems to me would just pale in comparison. 

I got so much from the experience – plus it was a blast. There are optional activities he plans that are a surprise. I did every singe one, as I am the personality type that doesn’t want to miss a thing! If you’re like me and testimonials make a difference in how you make a travel decision, I hope my enthusiasm is clear. Book this experience with Lorne, and you will come home thinking about how you can do it all over again. Rarely do I book a trip to the same place twice, but I can see why so many people do this with Lorne, and especially to Cuba. Believe me, it is special.

Wendy - Richmond, VA

Cuba was just extraordinary, I feel like I need to thank you again with every correspondence. This was an instance where marketing materials promising a “life-changing experience” were actually very accurate.
Michael – Kansas City, MO

Lorne loves Cuba and if you want to see Cuba in a way that gets you into the kitchen in peoples homes, lets you smell the smells, hear the sounds and really meet the people then this is your man. He is really passionate about sharing this country with you in a way that only someone who loves it can do. It's the difference of taking an "I was there" photo or one that portrays the emotion of the moment. The latter is the hard one to get but the one that has that lasting appeal to it that evokes emotion in the viewer. Lorne is after that emotional image and is helpful in providing those kinds of opportunities. I am struck by that fact as I am going through the many images taken on those trips to Cuba with Lorne (3 so far) how quickly I am drawn back to that slice of time when I clicked that shutter. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. So in closing if you are getting a "message or nudging to go to Cuba", Lorne is your man.

Buddy Lee - Victoria, TX

I enjoyed the trip a great deal.  It was probably one of the top trips I have ever taken.

My favorite things were taking pictures of kids and being able to share those pictures with them. I also really appreciate the critiques, not just mine but being able to listen to all of them. That was a very valuable aspect of the trip. Our ability to interact with and get to know the Cubans was what made this trip so special and so different from the ordinary travel vacation. I selected your trip over some others because you have been going to Cuba for so long that I thought you would really know the country, and I was right. Your knowledge of and love for Cuba were very evident. The visits to the primary schools, the children’s circus and the rooftop party were highlights of the trip. Thanks for everything you did to make the trip so incredible.

Laura – Houston, TX

Thanks once again for a totally awesome experience! I understand and share your passion for Cuba. The people couldn't have been nicer and the photo opportunities were extraordinary thanks to your great efforts. I have traveled to every state in the union and over 50 countries and never had a travel experience as great as this one. We had some extraordinary restaurants and venues and the schedules went like clockwork. Not an easy program to put together, particularly with the special entry requirements thrown in.

Thanks for all the great information and advice on how to take great travel shots. I have reviewed all images from the trip and I can see a lot of improvement for me personally. I think greatest piece of advice you gave me and everyone else was to shoot emotion, not information.

I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the rest of our group as well. They are all extraordinary people and I learned a lot from them. I look forward to getting back in touch with them and hope we get to travel together again soon. It was a great trip and I look forward to traveling with you again soon!

Sprague – Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks once again for a totally awesome experience! I understand and share your passion for Cuba. The people couldn't have been nicer and the photo opportunities were extraordinary thanks to your great efforts. I have traveled to every state in the union and over 50 countries and never had a travel experience as great as this one. We had some extraordinary restaurants and venues and the schedules went like clockwork. Not an easy program to put together, particularly with the special entry requirements thrown in.

Thanks for all the great information and advice on how to take great travel shots. I have reviewed all images from the trip and I can see a lot of improvement for me personally. I think greatest piece of advice you gave me and everyone else was to shoot emotion, not information.

I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the rest of our group as well. They are all extraordinary people and I learned a lot from them. I look forward to getting back in touch with them and hope we get to travel together again soon. It was a great trip and I look forward to traveling with you again soon!

Sprague – Scottsdale, AZ

I want to say thank you for such a great experience. I am finding myself homesick for Cuba and would go back tomorrow if possible. I'm thinking of so many more things to shoot. Thank you for teaching me in regards to my camera and how to shoot. Things are starting to click into place and seem to flow more naturally, which is good!

Margaret – Chilliwack, BC, Canada

This was truly a trip of a lifetime – due in full to your efforts and expertise that you have gained over the many years of visiting Cuba. You have made many contacts and created many friendships but your insight in how to put this all together is to your credit. The organization was amazing. There were so many special moments and so many incredible experiences – thanks again!


Steve – Bow, NH


(excerpt from video)...It was a marvelous trip...Lorne went to tremendous extremes to get us more than we ever dreamed of as far as photo ops...

(excerpt from email)...I made a mistake when I decided to join Lorne Resnick’s Cuba group. I expected one thing, but I received something else. The mistake was mine - and what a great mistake it was. I assumed the trip would amount to little more than a ticket to the forbidden island on which photographic eye-candy would be plentiful. I assumed I’d have to suffer through a couple of photo-lectures concerning exposure and the rule of thirds.

I was correct about the abundance of photo opportunities, but what I didn’t anticipate was the extent to which those opportunities were “created” for me. Lorne’s knowledge of Cuba and art came together through his exhaustive efforts to provide a constant series of indescribably magnificent photo ops. The arts, the people, the landscapes, indeed the heart of Cuba, were served to me like a fabulous feast of the elements of life in this beautiful country. It became obvious that Lorne had put tremendous effort into creating situations where stunning, yet spontaneous acts of art and beauty would fill the view finder of my camera. With Lorne my trip became a spectacular triumph that exceeded my wildest dreams.

I did indeed suffer a couple of lectures, but the suffering only occurred when they ended. They were insightful and beyond educational. I wanted more. I’ve been behind the camera for nearly fifty years. I thought I had pretty much seen and heard it all. But as a result of Lorne’s group talks and his one-on-one discussions, I felt as if I was just beginning to learn how to “see”. He shattered my photographic paradigm and took me into a new dimension. He rekindled the flames of passion for photographic art. It’s a good thing digital film is so cheap. If I were still shooting Tri-X, I would have gone broke since returning from Cuba.

Yes, I made a mistake when I committed to Lorne’s Cuba trip. I thought it would be a good trip. It was far better than I had dreamed. I thought it would be educational, but it became an awakening. I can only hope to ever make another mistake half as rewarding and fulfilling.

Howard - Scottsdale, AZ

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

In looking back at the workshop (my fourth photography workshop), I can honestly say that it was by far the best. Most often workshop leaders do one or two group review sessions without giving any information on processing. While these sessions can be good learning experiences, they are nothing like your one-on-ones where you worked on images, showing us how to improve them from conception to the finished product. I felt that you were present and involved with us every minute of the day; your photography and processing instructions were personal and extremely helpful, your down to the minute itinerary kept us going at a comfortable pace.

I found the one-on-one sessions extraordinarily helpful as you pointed out how to make my images better, and when I attended the one-on-ones with other class members, the information you passed on to me personally was reinforced by your instruction to others. This really worked well for me. I also appreciate your attention to every detail making our trip run smoothly, and your filling the days with interesting and exciting things to do.

Laurel - New York, NY

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Cuba is quite possibly one of the most amazing places I've been to in the world and to have the opportunity to share it with someone who knows it so intimately and will not only make sure you get the postcard shots, but will really take you inside...From the first day I got here until today, the last day before we head home, my photography has blossomed and I'm capturing images I never thought possible. I can't recommend this enough. I leave Cuba a different person.

rom email)...The time I spent in Cuba was truly life changing. I find myself challenged explaining the experience to other people. When I tell others how heartbreakingly beautiful the country is, how amazing the people are, how great the workshop experience was, it brings me to tears.

Honestly, I never expected to get as much time with you as I did. Not only is my photography better for it, but I am as well. You can expect to see me on your next Cuba trip. I'll be signing up very soon.

Lisa - Los Angeles, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

(excerpt from video)...I'm here in Havana with Lorne for my 2nd time within a year, because it was so good I had to come back. In your wildest dreams you've never seen so many photo opportunities.

(from email)...I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed going AGAIN. There were so many highlights! I miss Cuba already and I'm thinking about the next trip with you. I had so much fun, and there were many unique opportunities, especially things like the roof top party that you would never get any where else. Thanks for arranging that, it was such a highlight.

I have travelled to over 50 countries and experienced many different cultures as a traveler and photographer. Now having been fortunate enough to attend two Cuba photography workshops with Lorne, I would easily rank the workshops and travel to Cuba as two of my most enjoyable travel experiences. The visual richness of all aspects of the Cuban culture offer photographic opportunities that are hard to match anywhere. The great environment is complimented by the fine organization and just down right fun group atmosphere that Lorne creates to add to your visual inspiration. Even months after the trip you are constantly amazed at the moments, both photographically and personally that you experience on a visit to Cuba. It is like a great movie that you keep experiencing over and over again in your memories.

Ralph (professional photographe) - Seattle, WA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I have taken several multi-day photography workshops and by far, I have enjoyed yours the most. I appreciate your style, talents and managerial skills in leading a workshop and as importantly, your gift of working with participants to foster a photographic vision and skill set that are unique to the individual.

The Cuba experience
— now what I fondly call "My Cuba" was perhaps the most powerful experience in my life and truly transformational—I returned a changed person. For me, it was so much more than a photography workshop in Cuba—while it was hard to rank favorites, the rooftop night with those people touched my soul and heart deeply. I will forever remember our farewell hugs and how we didn't need a language, just cameras to connect with one another so deeply and with such abandon.

—You did an absolutely amazing job of planning the itinerary, so that each day built on the previous. By the time we got to day 7, and still had 3 to go, I wondered, wow, now what could top this day? And, just the workshop or just the Cuba travel experience would have been superb. But you brought the two together in such a powerfully dynamic way—so much so that it will be difficult to "settle" for a regular photography workshop from here on out.

Two aspects standout to me:

First, your expert planning and offering us experiences which no other tour guide or photography workshop leader (IMHO) could provide made it so very special. The Afro
-Cuban rooftop night was so special, so beautiful to see our group and their group come together. I couldn't believe the edge of stage seating that you arranged for the Tropicana (wowie zowie)—fantastic!! Sven’s dinner party and his Cuban family (remarkable), your Cuban family (incredibly gracious and hospitable), to name a few. Connecting with the locals, that’s where the magic happens! And then your choice of dining—perfect! And the mystery and suspense of what each day and night held—that made it even more special (you are brilliant!! and so clever!). For example, the Fidel marble staircase amid the central district—that was amazing in itself. You outdid yourself with the fitting final night surprise.

Secondly, for me what made the experience so so powerful were the people—our workshop group; you and your marvelous team and the exuberant, kind, gracious, talented and fascinating people that we met and were so fortunate to spend time with. Our workshop group was amazing—such instant chemistry, and it was like every person had a role and purpose—it would not have been the same with one fewer or one more person in the group. Everyone was so generous in supporting, encouraging and lifting each other up. It was such a gift to watch people blossom and grow as people and as photographers by the end of the workshop.

I really liked the flow of the workshop from beginning to end and also from one day to the next. The sequencing is as important as the content and events of the workshop—
not many workshop directors understand that. Your travel experience planning and organizational skills are superb. You have such a spot-on feel for the type of events and experiences that photographers would enjoy (plus the all-important photography details like arranging for front row Tropicana seating). The sequencing turned what would have been a satisfying experience into a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary workshop and experience. Also the mix of each day and including some photo instruction and critique time was great. And what I liked the most was having a lot of flexibility—we could choose to tag along and take part in the planned activities or do our own thing.

Many, many thanks to you for "My Cuba" and all the best.

Peggy - Indianapolis, IN

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

(on her 2nd trip with Lorne) I have never met anybody who can break down the technical aspect of photography, as well as the computer work flow as you can, AND keep an artistic eye. I have taken many classes here at RISD, joined random art/photo clubs and haven't gotten as much out of them as I do on your trips. Just listening & watching I learn so much.

Bri - Providence, RI

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I have been trying to process this experience from the moment it became of interest to me. I felt certain that is was going to be a great experience but I will have to say that it was so much more than I expected. I appreciated hearing comments on our work and seeing what you were looking for. I have no background in what makes a great photograph or not. But when you don't know what you don't know you have to expand your knowledge. And I certainly thought you helped us do that in Cuba. I learned a new ways of looking. Also your sharing with us the didactics of the fine art business and how you do it. That has gotten me to rethinking how we do things.

Lorne, you have really built a fine experience in Cuba. You have developed relationships with some super people and you have a great team. And of course you can feel the passion that you have for the experience. Even though you probably do a lot of the same things from trip to trip you are always looking at it through fresh passionate eyes. You can never take the same steps in a river. It is forever changing. I certainly know that is true for Cuba. And if I am going to go somewhere with someone, I dang sure want them to be passionate about the trip and so you are and so is your team. It was an over the top trip and we feel like we received a lot more value than we paid. It was a life changing experience. Heck fire what more can you say than that? Just this...if you have anybody on the fence about going have them give me a call. We had one heck of a good time. See you down the road!

Dr. Buddy Lee - Victoria, TX

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

I have been missing Cuba. The experiences there made such an impact on me. I do see why you are so passionate about it. I really can't express how much this trip has touched me. This trip was over the top. I am inspired by the people of Cuba and how they have overcome so much yet are so gracious, kind and thankful. We met so many who touched our lives for the better. The rooftop dancing was awesome! You have made me look at my images in a whole different light. It was such an eye opener to see what you saw in my photos and in other peoples pics as well.

Thank you again for making our first experience with Cuba such a great one!

Jerra - Victoria, TX

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I truly loved this trip, loved Cuba, loved seeing people with mad photographic skills at work, and appreciate the immense effort that went into making it such a great trip. You have an amazing team...such energy! My number one goal was getting as close a look at Cuba as I could, and I don't think anyone could have done a better job than you at showing us this lovely and complex place. Thanks for an outstanding travel experience.

Kathy - Calhoun, GA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

While it is still fresh in my heart, I want to thank you for a truly life-changing experience in Cuba. There is so much to say but I think this sums it up: The day we arrived in Cuba, the zipper on my little pocketbook broke. It would not close and so I spent most of my time in crowded urban streets intent on photography and friends with my purse gaping open.
Nothing was stolen.

The day we left Cuba I gave away over half of what I brought from the States, some of it intended as gifts, some things I realized I didn't really need or could replace easily.
I forgot about my little purse and shoved that into my suitcase at the last minute.
Home in my pretty Florida lakefront apartment, I found the purse in my luggage. It was inexpensive and not worth repairing, so I tossed it in the trash.
Five minutes later I sat down and cried. In Cuba, it would have been worth fixing.
Thank you for the opportunity learn more about what is worth fixing. Behind and in front of the lens.

Candy – Auburn, ME

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne Resnick is a travel photography leader extraordinaire. I consider my Cuban expedition with him one of my lifetime mountain-top experiences. He leaves no stone unturned in assuring that his clients improve their photographic abilities, that they see Cuba in depth and obtain a deeper understanding of the country and its people, and that they have lots of fun while doing these things. The rooftop party, the convertibles, stage-side at the Tropicana, and so much more! The setting for our farewell dinner was superb. I highly recommend photographic travel with Lorne; it is absolutely worth every minute and dollar spent!

Janice – Calhoun, GA

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

I thought the trip was flawlessly designed and you planned every adventure for maximum fun with little inconvenience to us. You opened doors into the life of Havana that we would have never seen on other trips. Certainly endless opportunities for great images...Thanks again!

Judy, Washington, D.C.

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne, now that I have returned and had time to reflect on the trip to Cuba, I would like to give you my thoughts: I cannot think of anything that I would have wanted different from you — you were so superb in how you set our trip up and took care of the small and larger details meticulously. You truly gave everyone on that trip your "all", and more. The daily planning was a great idea and your follow-through concerning our experience was over-the-top wonderful. Even when we had a trip out of Havana, you were giving us individual evaluations of our work. There is nothing but praise for your leadership skills, your photographic skills, and the care that you offered every single individual that was part of our trip. Having an assistant traveling with us as well as an interpreter only added to the wonderful experience . This was a trip of a lifetime and should anyone have any interest in visiting Cuba, I would only recommend that they do that with you. With great appreciation.

Peter, Golden, CO

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

The Trip was incredible. Your organization was incredibly comforting and reassuring to me, as was your patience with the group. Thanks to you and your fabulous assistant. Thanks for sharing and conveying your passion for Cuba and Photography!

Arthur, Boston, MA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I loved the trip. I totally understand why you feel so passionately about Cuba and its wonderful people. Your passion was contagious and I caught the bug. The people left an amazing impression on me...their friendliness, their joy, their kindness....is what I'll remember most about this extraordinary experience. For this, I thank you.

Iris, Los Angeles, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I really had a great time at Cuba trip and thank you sooo much for being kind to us and taking good care of us. I was amazed at how this trip was well planed and detail oriented. I loved everything especially going to nice restaurants and the food. It was such a breath taking experience for me and you made this trip unforgettable one.

Yong, Los Angeles, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

You succeeded in your goals for the trip! I had plenty of opportunities to create great images, learned photographically and had fun. Cuba was an absolute delight, thanks to your thoughtful and insightful itinerary. I am officially out of my photographic rut. You are an inspiration. I find you to be a great leader and I thoroughly enjoyed your Cuba! Thanks Lorne, for all that you did, to make my adventure grand!

Gaile, Houston, TX

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I've been impressed with the amount of organization you put into the preparation, the trip and the aftermath. I have never been a "tour" person and typically like to travel with only a few people at most but I can't imagine having visited Cuba for the first time any other way. You really have the place dialed in - I am glad I took the chance and made the trip. I wish there was more to say that I would change but the trip was fantastic. Everything from the food to the day trip to the rooftop you set up.

I have traveled extensively around the globe and this was one of the most amazing cultural experiences I have had. I think you did a great job setting us up for that interaction. I also picked up a fair amount of insight into some of your photography tricks and shortcuts along the way which is helpful for me (unfortunately I have a bad memory to remember these, but fortunately a lot of info is packed into the notes you handed out). Thanks again for a great trip!!

Sam, Santa Monica CA

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

Thank you for a wonderful trip. You did an outstanding job leading the trip. Your experience, knowledge of Cuba, technical know-how and enthusiasm/personal skills were extraordinary. You are a leader who knows the country, the specific areas where we are going and the people with a passion for all. Your knowledge of photography - technically, creatively and the legal/business environment - is outstanding. You are willing to share in both a group and personal way. You opened up a whole new type of photography compared to what I normally do.

The schedule, with a mix of planned activities, especially early in the tour, with more flexibility as the tour moves along, was extremely well thought out. Your daily schedule is excellent. We all referred to it so many times. It provided a way to keep us current when things changed on a daily/hourly basis. You did a great job of going with the flow. You got us into special locations and suggested alternatives that might interest us. I was pleased at the total freedom we had. Every morning I was out at first light and had total freedom to walk anywhere. Cubans would come up wanting to practice their American English which gave me a wonderful opportunity to visit with them. 

The lecture session was excellent and the notes from it are wonderful. Thank you so much. Your ability to critique and help are an absolutely outstanding part of your tour. I really appreciated it, as did many others based on their comments. Your willingness to share time with each individually is an outstanding trait and a plus to the trip.

Your sense of humor provides a wonderful lightness to the trip. Thanks again for a wonderful trip. I shall remember and cherish it always. 

Cal – Bemidji, MN

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

First and foremost, let me thank you again for the wonderful trip you had put together. Being home for over a week now, I am still trying to sort through the many impressions I brought home from this amazing country; the wonderful people, the colors, the cars...

Your program brought us in close contact with many different sides of Cuba - people in the street, children, artists... not to mention architecture, culture, history and the amazing food.

For me, the most positive aspects were to get an in-depth introduction to Cuba. Photographically, I enjoyed being in a group with easy access to your wealth of experience when it came to technical questions. I also profited from the review sessions, both concerning my own photos and those of others.

Klaus - New York, NY

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Now that there has been time to reflect over our Cuba trip, we can wholeheartedly say it was a fabulous trip, especially for photographers. We never imagined it would have so many photo ops - we thought we'd mostly be on our own and mainly meet for meals. WRONG! We ran from one photographable experience to another.

You are totally organized and managed a group of diverse people with different needs quite well. We would say that this Cuba trip offered more memories than all the other trips we have taken combined.

Thank you for your efforts and successes.

Judy and Len - Santa Monica, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I have to tell you that your photo trip, was one of the highlights of my life!!! You gave us a spectacular experience in a land that was forbidden fruit, and delivered the most spectacular locations and situations I have ever ever encountered!! I love my photos and have big plans for them.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fabulous experience. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go on this wonderful trip to a magical place. 

Thanks Lorne!!! You rock! I appreciate your attention to detail. Your presentation was the best I have seen. I would like to see it again. 

E.K. - Los Angeles, CA (photographer & photography instructor)

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

To anyone thinking about going to Cuba with Lorne Resnick:

I went to Cuba on a 12-day trip with Lorne in July of 2012 and I had a great time! Perhaps the best measure of how much I enjoyed the trip is the fact that four months later I signed up for another 12-day trip with Lorne to a different part of Cuba. Lorne is an excellent photographer and a delightful person, and he makes time to provide personal attention to each person on the trip. He is also a great trip planner and trip guide. 

The entire trip was extremely well planned and well executed, with careful attention to every detail and some great surprises that included a visit to a boxing gym, a fascinating rooftop party, and a fun ride through all of Havana in a caravan of some of the prettiest old American cars in all of Cuba. He also took us to many other places we would never have found on our own. Lorne's staff members in Cuba are helpful, enthusiastic, and very nice. The hotels were very comfortable and were located in the best possible locations. And when Lorne made arrangements for evening entertainment we had the best seats. Lorne is a first class guy who runs a first class operation. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great time taking photographs in Cuba.


testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I have traveled with Lorne to Cuba twice. He runs the most professional trips I had ever been on. He is one of the most patient and one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure to work with. He covers everything in his trips and if you have something in mind that he may not have gotten to, just ask.

Lorne really takes the time to set up photo shoots in a way that is unobtrusive and natural. He teaches his participants HOW to capture emotion in their photos. He really breaks the information he is giving down in such away that you remember. He outlines ALL that he has told you in a great journal that you can reference once you are back home, so nice!

Lorne does one-on-ones, with all the participants while on a trip. The one-on-one sessions are open for anybody to watch. I advise that you do! Just watching and listening you can learn SO much! I also do photo philanthropy work with non profits. Traveling with Lorne really helped me to capture more emotion in my photos and helped me to create an even more compelling story when shooting a non profits mission.

Bri - (Fine Art Photographer) providence, RI.

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne is an amazingly talented photographer but what I think really differentiates his workshops is that he is also an excellent teacher and he always puts the needs and interests of students first!
He gets you to the right place at the right time and I think he also strikes the right balance of group shoots and free time for some personal explorations. 

Lorne also taught me to think about, recognize, strive for the emotional component as an intrinsic and essential element of any photograph -- and how broad the definition of emotion is. And one more thing: Lorne is just a lot of fun to be around! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer, you will learn something and if you go on a workshop with Lorne and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Deb - NY, NY

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

You are a professional in every sense of the word. The planning of the adventure - not a trip, not a vacation, but an adventure - was impeccable. No one provides better learning materials and more value for the dollar than you.

Thank you for sharing your little precious piece of the planet.

JB - Ashland, OR

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

The workshop was just wall to wall surprises. There was no down time at all and I just realize how really exhausted I am now that I'm back in the comforts of home. 

As I review the 13000++ images I took home with me, I see how your influence and my confidence increased in the photos. There are many places I'd love to go back to and re-shoot, looking at it through new and more experienced eyes. So definitely, I'd love to do another workshop in Cuba again with you in the future.

I have to also commend you on how you handled the wide array of personalities in the trip. Anytime there was a bump or a chance for tension, you immediately smoothed that out so that the trip would be centered around enjoying all the photographic possibilities open to us.

There were so many favorite moments, I can't say that one bested the other ... I loved the drive around Havana in the vintage cars, but then I also loved the rooftop party. And then there were the visits to the artists, the wonderful kids in the school in Trinidad, the little concert in the art gallery in Trinidad, the lovely meals you arranged for us ... so how can I choose? 

So here's a testimonial:

"Leave all your worries at home. I traveled halfway around the world, passing through a blizzard in New York to arrive in a place frozen in time. As soon as I step foot in Havana, Lorne took care of our group and made sure that we experienced Cuba in a way no ordinary tour group can. As a professional workshop participant, this workshop tops any that I've attended. Lorne has covered every detail through his 17+ years of experience traveling to this country. What shows through is his passion for the Cuban people and the sincerity of wanting to pass on this passion to his students. He's a generous and thorough teacher. To discuss details of the trip will spoil the surprise for future participants, but believe me when I say that there is a surprise waiting for you in every corner each day. I highly recommend this workshop.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience!.

Tuchi - Makati , Philippines

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

First, let me say what a great time I had on this trip. We saw lots of great places, met wonderful people, you really gave us a sense of the real Cuba and I had lots of opportunities to shoot. I can see why people go several times with you.

Now that I am back I can say that although you took us to some fabulous places and gave us great experiences - for me the most positive aspect of the trip was a path forward for doing what I want to do with my photography. I was truly stuck and didn't know how to move forward. Through your serious and honest critique I now have one. Thank you for that!

Some of my personal favorites moments of the trip; Sunday morning in Trinidad with all of the locals out and about really seeing how they live life there, the excellent food (including the many mojitos...), photographing the laundry in that building the last morning and last but not least there were so many wonderful people on this trip - I was a little worried at the start. I've never been part of a trip this large but it really turned out great.

Thanks again for such a great trip!

Lisa - Montclair, NJ

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Best photo trip ever!

Bonnie (professional photographer) – New York, NY

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I want to thank you for an extraordinary trip!! As you know I have had the good fortune to get see a bit of the world and this trip ranks right up there as one of the best ever. Not only because Cuba is so unique and interesting but because of all of the work you and your team put into making it an amazing and memorable trip. We all got to benefit from the foundation you have build on previous trips and all your Cuban friendships. I was totally impressed at your ability to run the trip, focus on everyone's photography via the one-on-one's and to also be focused on every little detail while at the same time managing surprises. And as I noted, your multimedia presentation was perfect. I have done only a few organized trips and without question this was the best organized trip I have ever been on. I have only done one other photography trip and that photographer was all about doing his own shooting and didn't even have one-on-one's. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you have anyone interested in your trips that would like to speak to a past participant. I have already told my significant other that she needs to do the trip with you, as she is a much better photographer than I am and she would totally enjoy seeing the country and having one-on-one lessons from you.

Pete - Federal Way, WA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

It is rare to find an individual who combines artistic talent, organizational skill, and a charming funny personality, but Lorne does just that. He made our family's trip all that it could be. And we are hoping there will be a reunion someday.

Arda (non-photographer participant) – Amherst, NH

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Fantastic trip. Great photo ops, great food, great people. I can't be too specific as you need to experience the surprise and wonderment of it all. I need to go back!

Carol - Huntington Beach, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This was an incredible trip from start to finish. The locations, the people, the photo ops, the learning experiences, the surprises....all combined to make it one of the best, if not "the best" travel experience I've ever had. And I've done a lot of international travel. This trip was easily worth the cost. I could return to Cuba, but I know it would never be as well done as Lorne's trip! I have heartily recommended this trip to my photographer friends, leaving out some surprises just in case!

Nancy - Long Beach, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne, if my returning to Cuba (where I was born) had occurred with a different type of tour, tour leader, or individuals, it could have never matched the magic that blossomed and continues...You, your knowledge, connections, parties, surprises and meticulous planning contributed to the amazing adventure. In addition, each photographer and non-photographer contributed so much to my personal journey. The genuine interest, curiosity, encouragement, laughter, joy, and concern that each individual showed during my own unfolding little novella of locating long ago connections, was heartwarming and will always be a part of me. Thank You, Lorne. From my heart and soul, I thank you for this life changing adventure.

Teresa - Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I really want to thank you for an amazing trip! So incredible, so inspirational! Your passion for photography and Cuba shines through every moment of the trip.
Your talk really set a new tone for what I look for in my work. The one-on-one reviews were so helpful!!! I'm feeling very inspired. I'm ready to go back!

Bri – Providence, RI

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This workshop exceeded every possible expectation. Lorne created an experience that not only took my photography to another level, but allowed my husband and me to see and experience Cuba in a way I couldn't have imagined. I never felt like I was on a "tour." I was constantly learning, experiencing, and appreciating the people, the culture, and the unsurpassed photographic opportunities. Having lived in Cuba, Lorne knows the country very well and shares this knowledge and his enthusiasm through the amazing experiences he provided for us. He is professionally generous, an excellent teacher, a skilled organizer, and a master of surprise.

Gail – Healdsburg, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I want to thank you again for making the trip such an excellent experience. It is clear that you really care about Cuba and your clients. Your individual time with each client was very generous and the joy you exhibited was infectious. It was clear that you put a lot of effort and planning into each trip. Both Docy and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know you and spend time together. Spending time with you was definitely one of the high points of the trip.

Barry - Laguna Hills, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

The trip was fantastic, the photo opportunities great, your critiques the best information I have ever had from a professional photographer. Based on what I learned on the trip with you, I will never look at photographs the same way again. Your insights were invaluable. Thanks!

Patricia – Pasadena, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Great trip, had a blast, learned some good things that fit with what's developing as my style. Got some really nice images. Thanks for being an incredible host, and a very good, light touch teacher.

Ed - Lebanon, NJ

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Worth every minute! Lorne's teaching was very inspirational. He described in detail his approach to getting the most impact from your photos. His constructive and honest critique of my images was the most helpful aspect of the workshop.

Ralph - Long beach, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I came on this trip with my husband, who is the photographer, but it was such an enjoyable trip I would do this again in a heartbeat. If you've ever wanted to see Cuba, this is the way to do it. Don't miss it!

Liz (non-photographer participant) - Scottsdale, AZ

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for a great trip. While our "cast" could not be more diverse, our compatibility could not have been better. Everyone took care of each other, watched out for each other all while you took care of ALL the details. From my initial review of your travel workshop to our farewell coffee in Havana, everything worked exactly the way you represented it. We not only enjoyed your Cuban travel experiences, but we got expert instruction, resources and we leave with a far better eye. You not only shared your knowledge, but you shared your Cuban friendships with us and that was, exceptional.

As I sit waiting for my flight this morning, I have a smile filled with great satisfaction and emotion. Please keep me advised on future workshops, it would be great to connect again in the future.

Tony, Glendale, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Thank you for an outstanding experience in Cuba! The planning preparation and advice you provided prior to the journey was outstanding. You and your team put together an unforgettable workshop, down to the smallest details and the biggest surprises! Every day was well thought out, and you made sure everybody had as much access to your companionship and guidance as each individual desired (dealing with a group of twelve – that alone is a major accomplishment!).

Your ability to work with people is outstanding. Rather than being an instructor you interact more as a mentor, working with each person individually at their level. I really appreciate the kindness you had while reminding me how I could improve my skills!

Your passion of photography and your ability to share your knowledge with people made for an exceptional workshop. Your passion for Cuba made for a journey of a lifetime! You not only had each day filled with outstanding activities at various locations, you showed us a country in a way that few could experience. You introduced us to the rich history of the country, the culture of the people, and the complexity of the country. More than that you introduced us to the absolute beauty of the country and its beautiful people.

A special THANK YOU for two additional things. 1) Going out of your way to plan a fishing side excursion for me was a dream come true! 2) Never anticipated, a tooth can break (from a granola bar brought from the States) at the most unlikely place, Havana! Thank you SO MUCH for arranging my visit to the hospital and having a dentist on standby for me. My dentist said the work done in Cuba was exceptional!!!

And a big thank you to your assistant. I enjoyed every minute with the two of you! The group was exceptional too! Thanks again for the great time. I’ve been to many places around the world but Cuba and the Cuban people have a place in my heart.

Ted, Nashville, TN

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

Thank you again for an amazing experience!! The trip was the best time I have had in the last five years - and the most really hard laughing I have done in the same amount of time!

The Cuba experience was the best investment in myself. Lorne's passion for his craft and for the country shows through everyday. I had no idea what an amazing travel photography experience I was in for! Jump in with both feet, you will not be disappointed.

Carol - Ottawa, Canada

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

The Cuba trip was a saga that I will treasure. I was grateful to Lorne for giving 150% of himself to the participants of this trip. His knowledge of Cuba is vast, and I have never felt I got to know a country and her people the way I did on this trip. In addition, I came away with an epiphany about how to see, frame, and photograph because of Lorne. I also had an important breakthrough in overcoming my shyness in approaching people so that I might photograph them in a personal way. I am also pointing my camera at things that I used to overlook.

Michael - Palm Springs, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I am on my third passport and have traveled a fair amount outside of the country. What can make a trip memorable is to meet some one that can tell you to what is good about the place. Lorne did that and more. He showed us not only great photo opportunities, but the people and places that he knows from his many trips to Cuba. It was the trip of a lifetime and educational as well, even for an old film photographer like myself. Thanks Lorne!

Ron - Apple Valley, MN

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne’s workshop is complete in every aspect. Lorne is actively involved, asking why you like a particular shot, and then providing suggestions to make it even better. Because you are shooting from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep, your photos just keep getting better. Each day is a new, rewarding and challenging experience. Best of all when you’re back home, editing your photos, you can't wait to go back!

Thanks for the truly fantastic experience. You & your team are true professionals. I had a great time & look forward to doing it again!!

Ed - Bellevue, WA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing trip you provided. I believe that the first several days, I was just mesmerized by the culture, the people, everything. I quickly fell in love with Cuba, and learned so much by listening to you. So much that I am missing Cuba, and cannot wait to return.

I greatly appreciate all the work, and the love, that you put into this trip. I truly believe that your sincerity made the trip what it was. To learn, listen, and relate to the Cuban people. I am still in awe of all that I experienced. Again, your guidance was fantastic, and the trip was smoother than I could have imagined. The events you planned were fantastic, and the 'surprise' at the end was icing on the cake!! I am interested in attending your workshop again. I really am ready to return today! Thank you again for everything!

Dawn - Miami, FL

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This was my very first trip like this, a workshop...it turned out to be fabulous!...It's a great trip, you'll have a great time!

from email)...I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Cuba, from several perspectives. Obviously, it a beautiful place with incredibly friendly and open people. I can't thank you enough for your willingness to share all the magic and friends you have discovered in your 15+ years of visiting Cuba. I do miss it already.

While I really loved Cuba, the part of trip that I really loved was the inspiration I gained from you. You are a great teacher and listener...patient, too. The one-on-one time and the multi-media presentation were very inspiring and helped me see in such a clearer vision as to how I will proceed with my photography from this point forward. I have some good friends who have seen my photography over time and they were very impressed with my shots and they ALL noticed a difference. Each one, in a different way, said that my images told a story. No one has ever said that about my images. I didn't have to explain what was going on in any of those images. Because of the emotion and stories it brought out from them, for the first time EVER, I actually felt like an artist. There are really no words to express how much I wish to THANK YOU for helping me get here.

You did a great job in all respects. But I really liked that you had so much planned, yet allowed us the freedom to choose to do something else. I felt everything went very smoothly. I could see your assistants and you working very hard, but I am sure that your work was like viewing an iceberg, there was probably so much more going on below the surface that we did not see as participants.

Lorne, thanks again for such a fabulous trip. I hope our paths do cross again. Thanks for so much!

Gary - Tampa, Florida

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

It's been a fabulous, amazing trip!..(Lorne) has unflagging energy...I can't say enough about this trip.

(from email)...Lorne, Thank you for everything you did to make this a most memorable trip. I found Cuba fascinating. I also enjoyed seeing you working with the photographers and I enjoyed sitting in on the lessons. I learned your philosophy and your steps to getting pictures that evoked passion and emotion. You are not only a great photographer, you are a great teacher and tour guide.

You made a disclaimer at the start of the trip that you where not a tour guide and I found out differently. I found the tour fascinating, well organized and non-stop. It is obvious that you have conducted this trip for a long time and have honed the details to perfection.

For all the years you have been conducting trips to Cuba, your passion and enthusiasm for the country and its people seems to continue and grow. Thanks for letting me see it through your eyes and my own. When Linda books the next trip with you, I will beg to come along.

Abe (non-photographer participant) - Lincroft, New Jersey

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Truly a life-changing experience on many levels. I couldn’t believe how warm and receptive Cubans are to Americans. Politically, socially, architecturally - Cuba is rich with numerous things that assault your senses. As I edit my photographs, I am almost enjoying my journey there even more now – processing/enhancing images and remembering such a wide variety of things.

I must thank you again for our one-on-one sessions - I am taking your advice, and it has been a big help in making some business decisions recently. To get this praise and encouragement from someone of your caliber (your work is really quite amazing!) was and is most appreciated. You have made me feel that I do have something to offer photographically; and I am most grateful to hear this from you. Your concept of doing one-on-one sessions was remarkable and extremely rewarding. I hope I didn’t take advantage of this, since I got more than one! I was pleasantly surprised to find how approachable you are!

Being an introvert - and far less skilled and experienced as a photographer – I was afraid I’d have some serious challenges during the workshop....but alas, I found it very easy to ask you about anything. You never made me feel inferior in any way. I felt incredibly comfortable asking questions, and you were always extremely helpful and open with your responses. Another pleasant surprise – how much I learned during this workshop. Not just photographically, but about Lightroom (thanks for that unexpected “crash course”!), passion and vision, portfolios, printing, country-culture-people, the cuisine. All the “extras” you arranged made it a most unique and original journey – the ballet, girl-in-the-wedding-dress shoot, our convertible-car-ride (what a hoot!), the rooftop shoot with birds no less, the restaurants - truly a remarkable journey.

Thank you for sharing yet more info in your email – galleries, competitions, links to different things. You provided a wealth of information during the workshop too. Many photographers/people tend to hoard their tips and knowledge – keep them “close to the vest” – but you shared so much with all of us.

With my most sincere thanks and very best wishes for health, happiness, – and fine photography!

Jill - Richmond, VA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

For me, you certainly reached the following goals. 1) had plenty of opportunities to create great images; 2) learned something that would be useful in the long term (I learned so much my head was about to explode with information!!) and 3) had fun (still laughing) As well as the above I truly had the most amazing holiday of my life! I have been on many interesting holidays from trekking the Great Wall to horse riding in the Sacred Valley in Peru and your trip wins hands down.

Firstly from the moment I sent you the initial contact mail expressing my interest in your workshop you have been so helpful, you have helped choosing all my equipment and answered all my many questions. From the initial contact I knew I had chosen the right photographer to travel with!! Prior to the trip the mass of information you sent us on preparation etc. was of huge benefit and ensured we didn't forget anything. In Cuba, I enjoyed sharing your company and hanging onto your every word when talking about photography, workflow, composition, etc. etc., I am hoping you didn't think I was stalking you at some stages but I really didn't want to miss a minute of learning from you. I enjoyed your cool, laid back attitude to our 'schedule' in that if we passed somewhere interesting we could spend a minute or an hour there!!

I admired your calm personality as looking after photographers of differing personalities all wanting a piece of you cannot be easy. As well as a gifted photographer, you are kind and generous with both your time and knowledge. From walking Cuba with you I now am more confident in approaching people for their photos, I now look at taking photos in a different way, you have taught me to look at everything with more 'photographer' than 'tourist' eyes!!! I now have Lightroom (thank you) and I have been introduced to workflow which I can now learn more about.

I find it hard to put into words how much I loved Cuba, it has a very special place in my heart now. Cuba is beautiful, friendly, interesting, unique, unusual, unpredictable, full of amazing people and an is an amazing place to photograph. I hope my photos do it some justice :) I loved every minute of walking along the old streets and taking everything just as it came to us. Because you have been there many times and have extensive knowledge of Cuba, you took us to places we would not have seen without you...Everything was very well organized and we didn't really have to think about anything only taking photos which is what we went to Cuba for.

I really hope to do one of your trips again, I learned more in 2 weeks with you than I have learned in months doing courses etc!!!!

Siobhain - Ireland

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

The trip has been extraordinarily well organized...I have to say that this has really blown away an expectations I had. I learned a lot from you.

(from email)...I just want to thank you again for an amazing trip and experience. You (and your team) put together a really top notch photography workshop. I learned a great deal from you (sometimes just by watching you). I came away greatly encouraged and inspired and feel comfortable moving to a higher level without having to alter my direction. The trip was also great deal of fun and a huge cultural experience. Thank you for introducing me to Cuba and sharing it with me. I look forward to returning there with you in together.

Wink - Randolph, VT

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

Totally blew me away! It was awesome! Everything that was planned for us was above and beyond my expectations...What I found out is that I loved shooting people. But one of my fears was approaching people, because I'm a little shy, and approaching people to do something that's kind of intimate like taking a picture of them, can be a little intimidating. So, I worked one-on-one with Lorne and he gave me a lot of great tips, a lot of great advice. I came out of the one-on-one session with a new found passion for shooting people and now I'm kind of obsessed with it...This trip has been life changing just personally, but also for my passion of photography. I think it's helped (me) grow and put me in a new direction I didn't expect, so it's almost priceless to me. Thank you Lorne, it's been amazing.

Sarah - Chicago, IL

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This was a really wonderful workshop and I've done many workshops. I thought Lorne was wonderful, in that he gave me a whole new way of looking at my photos.

Sue - NY, NY

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This has blown my expectations away! And unfortunately for me, I think this has set the bar rather high for future trips. This has been one of those trips where you are so happy you are here. We never could have done this by ourselves - the connections that he has, the ideas he has, the instruction that he gives us, one-on-one and in groups, has been invaluable - it's been a lot of fun.

Matt - Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Our trip to Cuba completely exceeded our expectations and we give you all the credit for that. I felt like we had known each other for years after just our first evening in Cuba and my love for the country and admiration for you continued to grow as the trip progressed. As a non-photographer participant, I found myself studying the way you interacted with each member of the group – learning their temperament and their approach to their art and meeting them where they were rather than imposing your method on them. That is a true gift that very few teachers possess.

Your passion for Cuba was absolutely infectious and I find that I am missing it more every day. Everyone I talk to about the trip asks me what I thought of Cuba and your description seems most apt...it is a truly complex country with a rich and unusual history filled with some of the most beautiful and generous people we have had the pleasure to meet. We will be forever changed by this experience...I want to especially thank you for all of the activities you planned for us and the thoughtful way in which you organized the entire stay. It was a perfect combination of structured and free time. Trinidad was amazing and the timing of that excursion was perfect. Each day seemed to layer over the next in a way that enhanced the prior experience and piqued our curiosity about the subsequent ones. The last two days were incredible! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the last afternoon and evening were even more incredible.

Finally, I want to thank you for inspiring a scientific, non-creative type to pick up a camera and discover the joy of capturing a beautiful image. I’ve had so much fun working with my photos and look forward to putting my new skills to work on my upcoming trips.

Melissa - Oregon

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This was a great trip! I learned a ton of stuff - it had just the right mix of structured and unstructured time. We went to some places that I never possibly could have gone to, which were really cool. And the people were fabulous - not only Lorne and his assistants, but the rest of the participants were just the kind of people you want to hang with.

Ken - San Francisco, CA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

So to sum up so far.....what a highlight reel that trip was!! I had such a great time and I appreciate all your work and everything you did to make it just one heck of a great trip!

Ralph - Seattle, WA

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I want to thank you for a great trip with exceptional opportunities. The night on the rooftop was one of the most incredible experiences that I can remember. While the dancing was good, what happened after was priceless! Kelcie and I both fell in love with the country... I would love to see more of the country and just spend time sitting on the Prado doing little or reading a book! What an awesome place! I couldn't have had a better person show me Cuba. Your love for the country was obvious and it rubbed off. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Betsy - Metairie, Louisiana

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

This was a fantastic trip! I got everything I wanted to photograph and I've only scratched the surface - I look forward to coming back. The way you handled things is just the way I like to travel. You allowed us the freedom and independence most workshops do not provide, yet you were there for us whenever we needed help. I wouldn’t change a thing!

David - New Jersey

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Hi Lorne, I very much enjoyed the trip to Cuba thanks to your leadership, friendliness, good humor, shooting opportunities, and excellent organization! Your assistant was also first rate and we were fortunate to have such a fun loving, simpatico group of people.

I valued the freedom we had to go off on our own and miss a group activity if necessary to follow our photographic interests, rhythm of shooting, or individual needs. I found your major lesson about optimizing in Lightroom and doing creative work in Photoshop to be very valuable as was your approach to rating images in Lightroom. Your discussion about how to approach images and use various adjustment layers including sharpening and adding grain to eliminate the flat digital look in prints was excellent. I also found the one-on-one mini lessons to be very helpful. You were generous with your time and information and I appreciated the opportunity to discuss all things photographic. I value your detailed sharing of photographic resources and particularly like the beautiful journal you gave us (and the lessons inside). I always look forward to your newsletter.

Photographing the boxing was a highlight and shooting the young girl in the red 1959 Chevy Impala in Trinidad was a brilliant, fun idea. The surprise was fabulous and a great treat! I treasure that experience. Thanks for your generosity!

I have and will continue to recommend your Cuba trip to photographer friends of mine and hope that our travel paths will cross in the future. You were terrific and the trip was truly wonderful!

Jacob - Santa Barbara, California

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I do think the goals you mention were amply met: plenty of opportunities to create our best images, learning new and useful things, and HAVING FUN. (Even if the latter required staying up WAY past my bedtime). The location of the Havana hotel was good, the chance to meet the two families was great, the ideas about where to go very helpful. Video lesson was excellent, thanks for that. And my granddaughter loved the Che bracelet, so extra thanks for that! All in all, it was quite an experience - a lot packed into a short time!

Ginna - Mill Valley, California

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne Resnick knows Cuba well, and his groups benefit from his knowledge and experience. He's generous with his knowledge and you can't help but learn from him while on the trip. The daily routine is flexible enough for all members. You can stick with Lorne if you want, or you can venture off on your own. This is a great way to combine learning about Cuba with learning about photography.

Chuck - Alexandria, Virginia

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Cuba was a sensational experience. Brian and I still talk about this trip to everybody, it's just impossible not to get touched or moved by their people and way of life.

Lorne, I really believe you've achieved all the goals possible. Overall it is clear that you have a great deal of experience in handling this workshop in Cuba. Everybody had a lot of options, different things to do, itinerary, places, people to see, everything there to make to sure we all got our best photos in the bag! Nothing much to add but a huge thank you for sharing your technique, insights and experience with a bunch of strangers!

Mayra - Miami, Florida

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne's Cuba trip is a great experience. He's been to Cuba dozens of times and knew how to get us to some great, unusual spots to take photos. Cuba itself is a series of fascinations -- some quirky and fun; some profound and touching. There'll be lots of surprises. If you enjoy travel photography, I recommend this trip. There are photo opportunities everywhere. I very much enjoyed the experience and was thrilled with the photos I came home with.

Jeff, Houston, TX

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Lorne is very creative and very sharing...he shares his knowledge with all the participants...there is no limit on the amount of time he will spend with you, no limit on the amount of detail he will go into with you. It's a wonderful workshop, a lot of fun and the surprises he comes up with will blow your mind.

I have had a wonderful time on this trip as a non-photographer...it’s been one of the best trips and I thank you and I would definitely come back again and do more photo workshops with you...

Tom & Marian - Columbia, Illinois

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Many thanks for a really great trip that fulfilled all my expectations and much more. The details were very well thought out. The glory of Cuba is unmatched in my humble opinion, and I would return tomorrow if possible, so please keep updates on future trips coming.

Ray - Atlanta, Georgia

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

Thank you for a fantastic, once in a lifetime, fabulous trip! You did a great job pulling it all together and picking great places to take us to.

Sallie - NY, NY

testimonial swoosh on black.jpg

My trip to Cuba was absolutely memorable! I feel as though I met some wonderful people, and would not hesitate to do it again, and probably will! I will also recommend you to my friends, I felt that you were very much in charge. The trip was well planned and well thought out, and most importantly well executed.

Carmen - NY, NY

testimonial swoosh topv2.jpg

I'd say I've been on about ten photographic trips...and I would definitely put this trip among the top...two. I was going to say one, but it seems like I might be exaggerating, but I can't think of another one that was as good as this!

Jeff - Santa Barbara, California

Thanks again for a wonderful trip...I had such a great time...you're the best!!!

Barb - Los Angeles, California

(by email): Your insight into the people and culture added so much to understanding Cuba. You were very helpful in critiquing and encouraging me to think about what makes a great image. I was truly on overload the entire week. It made me grow as a photographer.

I hope Abe and I will be able to take a trip with you again. It was a real pleasure.

Linda - Lincroft, New Jersey

If you want to want to see and experience Cuba from an insider's perspective, then Lorne's Cuba photo workshop should not be missed. The Cuban landscape and historic cities are gorgeous to photograph, in addition to the friendly and energetic Cuban people. Lorne's knowledge of Cuba, along with his love of travel photography, made this a very special trip. It was a well planned workshop, and you will walk away with great photo's, valuable instruction, and new friends.

Diane - Aspen, Colorado

Lorne's Cuba workshop is a fabulous photographic journey! With his many years of traveling to Cuba, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to photograph spectacular sights and friendly Cuban people as you experience this historical place. It seems every step you take is another chance for a photo! Yes, you will learn about Cuba - but more importantly, you will be with a talented professional photographer who will increase your photography skill levels. This is a trip not to be missed!

Tom - Thousand Oaks, California

As for comments on the course, I have nothing but good things to say. First of all I want to thank you for the dedicated hours you spent...giving an honest critique of my images. I feel I learned a lot from you and your approach to shooting emotion. I did get more comfortable as the course went along in getting in close to strangers.

Lew - Lutz, Florida

Lorne - The Cuba trip was great! Everything I expected and more. I appreciated your exposing us to so many photo opportunities.
I felt like a kid in a candy store walking around old Havana. The people were as warm and friendly as the climate.

Hugh - Storm Lake, Iow

Lorne's workshop really helped me get clear about my direction and focus in my photography. He is full of information about every aspect of photography from business to creativity and finding your own voice. He is willing to answer any question asked and will give all the information he has on the topic with enthusiasm. He gave me useful feedback on my work that really had me think about my compositions and what I am trying to express as an artist. Lorne also covered a lot of critical topics that were not touched upon in art school from dealing with digital files to marketing.

Lexie – Los Angeles, California

This is a thank you for amazing time we had in Cuba. It was every bit as colorful and exciting as we expected. Your love for the country its people was very much in evidence from the beginning to the end. We were highly impressed with your knowledge of the history of Cuba, its customs and traditions, and most especially how to navigate the country with its own unique system. It was a pleasure meeting photographers from around the country and we so enjoyed our time with them, with you and your great assistant. We would highly recommend it to anyone considering making this journey.

Shelli and Bill - Los Angeles, California

The organization of the trip was seamless. Even when snags occurred they were taken care of behind the scene so the participants weren't aware. I never once felt awkward or afraid to photograph something. "Shoot, shoot shoot." So I did. I learned how to use Lightroom and am not terrified to go onto Photoshop. Learning those two programs were my 2012 business goals so I am ahead of the game.

I could go on and on and on but there wasn't one minute I did not learn something about Cuba, Photography or myself. I grew as a photographer and I have come home with a better understanding of a country I knew absolutely nothing about.

Kim - Santa Barbara, California

Quietly disguised as a Travel Photography workshop, the field and discussion sessions with Lorne encouraged me to push my photographic vision beyond the ordinary. Even the locations he chose were off the beaten path and a lot of fun. His critiques were carefully thought out and provided truly useful insight, giving me a practical framework for evaluating images, and a sense of my own style, far better than what I'd come in with. This workshop had more impact on my photography than any other I've attended.

Paul - Chicago, IL

I read a lot about Lorne Resnick in some American photo magazines and that's why I decided to participate in his workshop. Lorne took us to the most beautiful places and taught us how to take pictures of them in an amazing ways. Lorne's workshop was very informative and I had the experience of a lifetime with him.

Nikolai - Head of The Nation Union of Art Photographers of Ukraine

I always loved taking pictures, but never really considered actually doing it for a living. Lorne showed me what it takes to turn a hobby into a business. He taught me the importance of balancing creative and administrative work; never taking my eye off financial goal, but also never giving up on creative aspirations. He instilled in me a newfound confidence in my work, providing me encouragement and acknowledging my talent. Lorne was the catalyst I needed to kick-start my photography business.

Heather - Los Angeles, California

In a nutshell - I loved every minute of it. I am grateful for the freedom you gave us to go out and find our own experience. Awesome!!

Lucy - Miami, Florida

Lorne – what an amazing experience – thank you!!!!
Ashly - Los Angeles, California