How do I register for a workshop?There are several ways you can reserve a spot on a workshop. To register online, simply go to the workshop schedule page, select a workshop, click the register button and proceed to check out via a secure online page, or download the registration form and fax it to 323-933-8733. You may also contact Lorne directly by phone (323-876-6999) or email. Please keep in mind Lorne's travel schedule when contacting him directly – if he is in town and does not answer your phone call or email immediately, he will usually return it within one business day.

Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis, so register as soon as possible to secure your spot, as Lorne runs a limited number of workshops each year. Each is limited to 12-18 participants and they usually fill up quickly. If you intend to book for a group of more than two people, please contact us before making payment to ensure that there are still enough spaces left open. A deposit or full payment and completed registration form (either online or by mail) will reserve a place for you on a workshop. Workshop/trip fees are quoted in US dollars and must be paid in US dollars only. Payments may be made by credit card, eCheck, check, bank draft or bank wire. Full payment is due no later than 90 days prior to departure date for trips outside the USA and no later than 60 days before the workshop start date for trips within the USA.

Please see the terms and conditions for complete payment, cancellation and refund details. You can contact Lorne prior to or after registration with any questions.

What will I learn during the workshop? Lorne holds his workshops in some of the most beautiful places on earth - from the raw beauty of Death Valley to the surreal magic of Cuba and Africa. There, he helps people uncover and sharpen their personal vision to create emotionally impactful images. Audiences, whether they are publishers, gallery owners, photo contest judges, or your friends and family, are not truly interested in seeing another sunset or elephant image. What is truly desirable, is an image that expresses a strong point of view, a particular vision. Lorne helps you discover and/or refine your own unique style. Rather than impose one visual aesthetic on you, he'll encourage you to explore whatever interests you. Then he'll help you take your skills to the next level. Of course, along the way Lorne will discuss all the indispensable topics that go along with photography these days including; smart digital workflow, creating flawless digital prints, marketing, selling limited edition prints and publishing books. You can see a full description of what Lorne teaches here.

What is the normal schedule during a workshop? Lots and lots of shooting. And after that, more shooting. Usually, there is a sunrise/morning shoot and a late afternoon/sunset shoot that are pre-scheduled at specific locations. Midday is normally spent reviewing images and in discussion. Usually in places like Africa, Vietnam, Antarctica, etc., we would spend most if not all of the day on location shooting and do image reviews after the sun goes down - and sometimes not even then, as there are lots of great night photography opportunities available.

Do you require a specific skill level for workshop participation?No. Lorne's travel photography workshops are for anyone who wants to take their vision and skill set up several levels. Everything is geared towards creating great images and personal tutoring is geared to your specific needs. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner (you will not feel like you are in over your head) or a pro (you will not be bored). Whether you want to make money with your camera or not, you'll get what you need from the workshop. Lorne's workshops are not a series of dull classroom lectures; they are travel and shooting experiences. do need to have a basic understanding of how your own camera works. With the hundreds of different cameras available, Lorne cannot know how to operate each model. The last thing you want is to be sitting in the middle of Cuba, see a great moment happen in that astonishing light, and be stuck fumbling with your camera controls and miss it. Lorne will tell you specifically what you need to know about your camera before the workshop starts (hint: it's not much). Lorne also offer private workshops – you can find the details here. If you'd like more suggestions, give Lorne a call.

Do I need a specific type of camera or equipment for the workshops? No. To get the best images and understanding of the techniques discussed during the workshop, you should try to become familiar with the basic controls and settings for your camera. We can and do help you with the best settings for specific situations, but there are so many different camera models that we cannot know the operation of each.

If you like, when you sign up for any of Lorne's workshops, he will give you a complimentary consultation on what equipment to bring to the workshop. Lorne is a big believer in shooting digital and if you've been hesitating, give Lorne a call and he'll help you make the transition.

Do you limit the size of the workshop?Always. Generally the workshops will contain between 12-18 people (depending on location and participants skill levels). At these sizes there is enough time for Lorne to address everyone's needs. For Lorne's Cuba trips most of the shooting time is not spent in large (or even small) groups.

Who will teach the workshop?Lorne's workshops are not run through a photography school or travel/tour company. Lorne is a full-time working pro and teaches all the workshops himself – that's why there are very few held each year. And, yes, there are workshops out there where the "teacher" is rarely seen throughout the workshop. On a rare occasions Lorne will team up with another notable photographer who will co-lead the workshop. If this is the case it will be indicated as such on the workshop/trip description page, when the workshop is announced.

Does Lorne give lectures during his workshops?Yes (well, one). There is one afternoon during each workshop dedicated to a short lecture, including Lorne's custom digital workflow and group image reviews and questions. Lorne always keep it focused and tight in order to maximize shooting time on location. The downside of most lectures is that (especially with a small groups) there are often significant periods of time spent addressing topics that have little or no direct interest to you or anyone in the group. Photography discussions usually happen organically, based on what the group is most interested in. Lots of time is available to answer individual questions and often time someone will ask a question that you didn’t even know was important to you until you heard it posed. Lorne will also show personal images and talk about the process that went into creating them.

Does Lorne shoot during the workshop?Absolutely – but never to your exclusion. The day Lorne would go to a spectacular place and not want to shoot would be the day he would have nothing to offer teaching wise. He is able to give teaching value to his participants by keeping his own photographic eye sharp. However, Lorne will always put your needs and questions first. And he will be shooting and having fun right alongside you. Discovering and refining personal vision and voice is an integral part of each workshop and having Lorne shoot with you is a great way to compare and discuss experiences and techniques used to create different images.

What are the workshop fees? What is and is not included?The cost for each workshop and what is and is not included are listed on the individual workshop description pages. Go here for this years workshops. Click on the workshop you are interested in and you will see a complete description.

There are several photography workshops and photo tours out there, how do I choose?Given the choice, if you want to learn to create consistently compelling images, why would you take a workshop with someone whose images you didn't really like? So, look for an actual working pro (as opposed to a travel company), one whose work you really like and admire and who seems like they can communicate how to consistently create compelling images. Just because someone can take amazing images doesn't mean that they can tell you how to do it.

What materials will I receive when I register for a workshop?Participants will receive several emails before the workshop/trip starts. Please make sure you add Lorne's email address, to your spam or white list to ensure you receive all emails from us. After registration you will receive an email with confirmation that your spot has been reserved, workshop details, and confirmation of your payment (or details on how to make your payment). Detailed itineraries, including driving directions to workshops in the USA, are available on each workshop description page. You will also receive a checklist of things to bring, but you can start on Lorne's preparation page here.

-For trips outside the USA you will also receive pre-departure information on your specific location that includes airline and route recommendations, arrival procedures, visa and entry requirements, what to bring (clothing and photo gear recommendations), applicable health advisories and considerations, a reading list, and information on safety, money, tipping, satellite and cell phone use, electrical needs, language, culture, shopping, gifts and travel annoyances (insects, bumpy roads, heat, cold, etc.)

What will my fellow participants be like?The workshop groups have proved to be an enthusiastic and friendly collection of like minded people, from professional working people to retired people with a passion for photography who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge. Many new friendships are forged during a workshop.

Can I contact Lorne if I have any questions about a workshop?Yes, you can ask any questions you like before registering for the workshop. Many people do call before they register. Please call 323-876-6999 or email Lorne directly. If you don’t reach him immediately, he may be on location at a commercial shoot out or town teaching a workshop. If he is out of town, it could be a couple of weeks before you hear back from him. If not, it will usually be the next business day. If it's more than a couple of days, don't wait to register, as the workshops tend to sell out fast.

Can I bring a non-photographer (spouse, friend, etc.,) on a trip for free?Our groups are limited in size and small and we cannot accommodate non-paying participants. Non-photographers are most welcome on workshops, however everyone must pay the workshop fee. Lorne does offer a 10% trip discount for non-photographer partners. Part of the benefit of being on a photographic workshop/trip is that Lorne pays close attention to getting to the best places, period. So even if you are not a photographer, you'll have plenty to enjoy with or without a camera. For trips outside the USA, Lorne has partnered with some of the best Travel Adventure companies in the world. So, if you decided to not get up for a sunrise with the rest of the photographers and spend some time at the camp, hotel or ship, you will definitely not be roughing it.

What happens in the event a workshop is cancelled or I want to cancel?You can see the cancellation and refund policies in the terms & conditions.

Can I get individual instruction?If you want one-on-one help or instruction, Lorne will be happy to meet you at your convenience. Details are available on the custom workshop page here or simply call or email Lorne to arrange a time and place.

Is there a minimum age requirement take part in a workshop?Yes, 21.

Will I need a car during the workshop?For workshop/trips outside the USA - the answer is no, everything is taken care of for you. For workshops in the USA - yes. We do not provide transportation during the workshops as it would add $100-$150 minimum to the workshop fee for each participant. In addition, some national parks require commercial drivers licenses and/or separate permits to operate as a tour operator. Lorne is not a tour operator or travel company (but he hires the best, when needed). If you desire, your name will be shared with other workshop participants for the purpose of car pooling and/or room sharing, to cut down on costs - usually a very good idea.

What are the health considerations for the workshops?All of Lorne’s trips are within the capabilities of people in good health. Some trips require the capability of hiking over uneven trails, stepping from a small boat to a wave-washed rocky beach, flying in small planes and helicopters, and occasionally hiking at high elevations—all while carrying an assortment of camera equipment. If you have concerns about your own capabilities and/or fitness as it relates to a trip, please call Lorne before reserving a space.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance, even if I already have normal health insurance?Travel insurance is not included in the workshop/trip cost. You are not required to have insurance for workshops inside the USA. However, all participants for workshop/trips outside the USA are required to have basic emergency evacuation-repatriation insurance (minimum of $50,000 per person). You will need to send us proof of that insurance, prior to departure date. This is usually a minor cost (typically less than a hundred dollars) and is designed to give you peace of mind when you invest in travel and embark on your trip.

We also highly recommend a plan that offers coverage for medical and dental emergencies, missed connections, lost luggage and trip cancellation, which would cover you if you lose pre-paid, non-refundable trip deposits and payments because of cancellation or trip interruption. Typically, these services and expenses are not fully covered by your credit card company, homeowner's policy, and/or medical insurance. You may purchase insurance from any insurance company that offers travel insurance that is valid in the country you are traveling to. The companies I recommend and find the easiest to purchase insurance from online are: Travel Insured and Allianz Travel Insurance. You should purchase your insurance immediately after registering for the trip. Please contact us should you have any questions about insurance.