Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.
— Imogen Cunningham

Private Workshop/Coaching


Receive personalized, one-on-one attention and feedback during custom workshops, which are an ideal way to meet your needs for specific schedule and destination requirements, as well as any other special needs you might have that are not addressed by the regular workshops. Custom workshops can be a gentle, encouraging introduction to self-expression through photography if you are a beginner, or they can offer the perceptive and insightful revelations needed to hone your personal voice, vision and artistic signature if you are an advanced or pro photographer.

From adventure safaris in Africa to outback excursions in Australia, meditative treks through the beauty of India to a day of shooting on the beaches of Los Angeles, Lorne can create and lead any custom workshop/trip you desire, traveling to virtually anywhere in the world, while arranging the highest quality accommodations, guides and services.

Whether you are interested in landscapes, wildlife, travel, or people, Lorne can help you to realize your passion. Custom workshops can be structured around any topic or any number of topics, including shooting in the field, working on a personal vision, generating museum-quality fine art prints, Photoshop instruction, creative composition, correct exposure for digital, filters, choosing lenses and equipment and digital workflow. You name it!

To see a list of other possible subjects for private workshops, please click here.

You may want to consider a custom workshop with Lorne if:

• You are interested in visiting some of the amazing locations listed on the workshop schedule, but cannot make the dates or you wish to travel during a different time of year

• There is a specific location not listed that you have always wanted to visit and photograph

• You have a specific subject you would like to photograph at length not covered by the regular workshops offered

• You desire an even more individualized teaching experience tailored to your needs or the needs of a small group

• You live near one of the areas you wish to photograph and want Lorne to meet you at that destination

• You would like to focus on one or more specific areas of photography that you're struggling with

• You would like to study and shoot at a pace and level that personally suits you

• You have a limited amount of time, and need to attend a shorter workshop

• You have lots of time and want a longer workshop!

Please inquire about private workshops based on your group size, itinerary, schedule dates and special needs. Pricing for custom workshops is based on the location and the number of participants in your private group.

Contact Lorne for more information and possible scheduling, via email or by phone at 323-876-6999.

Frequently, people will travel to Lorne's studio in Los Angeles for a one-day, private one-on-one workshop. This can be spending a day in the studio working on printing and/or Photoshop techniques or spending the entire day (sunrise to sunset) shooting alongside Lorne at some great locations in and around Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the ultimate icon of urban sprawl with miles of high rises and strip malls, however, in the pockets of this tremendous city lie sylvan meadows and canyons, a wide range of wild creatures and unspoiled open lands. There also are iconic places such as downtown L.A. and the Santa Monica Pier that are ripe for new vision and exploration.

Some of the spots to consider for shooting include:

• Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve: each spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve comes alive with the seasonal surprises of the Mojave Desert Grassland habitat. A must for wide-angle as well as close-up shooting, this locale features rolling hills covered in the orange and yellow blooms - no where else is the California State Flower so abundant or beautiful.

• El Matador State Beach: one of the most beautiful beaches in Malibu, with sea caves and large rocks on the beach, El Matador State Beach is an oasis ripe for sunset images. The views from the upper cliffs are incredible, looking down on large boulders and deep blue water filled with kelp forests.

• Downtown LA Architecture: a variety of old and new skyscrapers, car-packed freeways and bright lights make downtown a fantastic arena to shoot. We’ll explore a variety of neighborhoods including Historic Downtown, Chinatown and Grand Avenue (the site of the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall) as well as cityscapes and long freeway exposures at twilight.

• Santa Monica Pier: the beautiful Santa Monica Pier offers a variety of new and vintage scenes, including the rides of Pacific Park, and the famous historic 1922 Carousel. As you stroll the planks of the Pier, enjoy lively street performers, from musicians to artists, and some of the best sunsets along the California coast.

• Venice Beach: under the warmth of sun and along the breaking waves of the Southern California coastline, discover the mystique that lured Jim Morrison to find 'The Doors,' and a culture that gave birth to modern skateboarding. Venice Beach, California, is a unique destination unto itself, where the live entertainment along the boardwalk contains endless photographic opportunities. Transport yourself to an era of the past, present and future, as you experience all that Venice Beach has to offer, with your camera.

• Griffith Park: unspoiled, semiarid mountain and lush canyon and valley wilds command Griffith Park’s high ground. The hills are thick with more than 100 varieties of chaparral and trees and after spring or fall rains, the wildflowers show their amazing colors. The fairyland garden of Ferndell is not to be missed, with its magical deep woods and the view at the famous Observatory is perfect for twilight cityscapes of the urban sprawl below.

• Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve: in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, you can park your car, walk down a curved path and enter a primitive wetland nestled in a wooded area. Walk the dirt path around the 1,800ft. lake and be immersed in monarch butterflies and Western sycamores

• Malibu Creek State Park: there may be no more immediate and evocative reconnection to the whispering soul of the Santa Monica Mountains than to make that simple turn off Highway 101 onto Las Virgenes Road into the 10,000 or so acres of Malibu Creek State Park. Secluded waterfalls, riparian and oak woodlands, and inviting meadows await your view. We’ll also explore Malibu Canyon, with its steep magnificent narrows making it one of the deepest coastal canyons in the US.

• Topanga State Park: is not only the jewel of the big wild, but one of the major naturalist holdouts of the entire range. It’s 11,000 acres fall entirely within Los Angeles City limits, making it the largest city park in North America. Wildlife abounds among the high outcroppings of eroded, pockety Topanga sandstone.

• Cheeseboro Canyon: trails winding through creekside oaks and walnut groves along several low ridgelines makes Cheeseboro Canyon a moveable feast of seasonal delights. This canyon alone has the largest concentration of birds-of-prey nesting sites in the continental U.S.

Often, Lorne will shoot sunrise with a client at a specific location, come back to the studio to process the images and discuss techniques, and then, in the late afternoon, head out for a sunset shoot. Or you could spend the entire day in the stuido discussing techniqes and doing portfolio reviews - your choice. It's a terrific way to pack a lot of learning into a short period of time.

The price for this all-inclusive, full day (total 10-hours including meals) is $1,295.00 and includes all transportation to and from any location (within 60 miles of Los Angeles), from Lorne's studio. Your are responsible for getting to Lorne's studio and your own lodgings while in LA.

Please email Lorne with the dates that you are interested in.